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Book chapter

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Peer reviewed publications

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Seizing on the opportunity provided by the Dalai Lama recently hinting at a female successor, this paper delves deep into theorizing a female Dalai Lama. It offers an intersectional tool to examine how such a conception not only overturns patriarchy pertinent in Tibetan Buddhism, but also disrupts the heteropatriarchal religious traditions beyond Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, it brings to light affirmative imagination for feminist thinking and intervention premised on the understanding of feminisms as engaging with structures of power and systems of oppression.

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Journal publications

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Non-academic publications

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As a society, we need to arrive at a collective understanding. Our inability to act could serve as a license for ingrained sexism and disguised misogyny to become ubiquitous in our community. Allowing such things to happen will not only silence women but will also deter women from entering public service. This is too big a price to pay.

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