A reverential ode to the land that reaped and reaped: TCV

at TCV: during the 2nd Special Meeting of exile Tibetans

Nestled in the Dharamsala hills, overlooking the beautiful Dal lake, I perched on the window sill in the comforts of my family home located right in the heart of Upper TCV School.  As July’s torrential rain overtook the otherwise sunny Sunday morning, I paused to reflect on the ‘whats’ and ‘ifs’ of my life. I pondered what would become of me, if it were not for my parent’s strong association with TCV, and the world around me came to a standstill on this very moment of reflection.

My parents have devoted two-thirds of their lives to this magnanimous institution. Inarguably, I am what I am because of this institution called TCV that has sculpted my life and I will remain indebted to this law of attraction.

This revolutionary institution has grown and branched out rapidly in its 50 years of existence and has unconditionally nurtured the younger Tibetan generations in all frames of life. The valuable emanations from the fine corners of TCV have contributed inexplicably to the education and cultural growth of the Tibetan exile Diaspora.

It astounds me to see how TCV effortlessly and consistently ushers class 12 graduates into the threshold of university life, yet continues to shower its unflinching guidance.  I am at awe with the way TCV extends its healing hand to the poor, the haggard, the underprivileged and the needy.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s vision of a modern educational institution that embodies everything virtuous and instils love and care along with the fine seeds of academic learning has come to fruition in TCV and its 17 branches spread across the tentacles of India.

Jetsun Pema la, the soul of TCV had spent a lifetime of altruistic hard-work in building this institution and it is under her leadership and visionary prowess that TCV has nurtured more than 65% of exiled Tibetan children and touched millions of lives. Widely acclaimed as ‘Amala’(‘Mother of Tibet’) and conferred with prestigious awards for her contribution to humanity, she indeed is the crusader of humanity.

TCV today is the heart and the foundation upon which the exiled Tibetans could rebuild their lives.

Sounds cliché, but yes exile is a blessing in disguise and the blessings come to the fore in two ways: His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s global contribution towards universal harmony and TCV’s building of a rock-strong future young Tibet.

Fifty years from now, I can see myself resting in my abode in Tibet, overlooking the ultra swish buildings, with the misty cloud clamping against the incessant rain, while my mind dwells in cogent contemplation on the laurels of TCV and the glories it has brought back home.  I will be beaming with profound pride that I have been a pertinent part of this amazingly beautiful institution that has livened countless lives.

I will always encourage my progeny to hold TCV close to their heart so that they can intrinsically be empowered to stand befitting in the eternal frame of humanity’s most endearing epithet, which is also one of the 21st century’s wondrous wonders.

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