The Fierce Force Fortifying Female Forte


Five golden years ago, standing on the tight rope of an ‘Ad-Zap’ rapid fire round; a culmination of the many literary events during the annual college fest, the seemingly witty male judge hurled accelerated questions on me, supposedly the key speaker for the group. My answer to the final question left the audience literarily zapped and the judge smitten and a little berserk.

I neither meant to champion the cause of female power nor strive to ameliorate the plight of women. But the involuntary expression of sorts is a precedent to the fact that ‘the women are indeed the architects of the future.’

In nostalgically reminiscing the past phases of my life, I can admit with conviction that me being of the other sex could have stirred a vendetta in me and could recoil the journey that I relish with vindication and look back with profuse pride. The virtue of being a female has instilled in me a sense of profound and an irrevocable force to reckon with, waiting to churn the future and chide the facades of life. My soft knack for humor has the funniest bone in me tickling and at every epoch of my life, the ‘emotional intelligence’ soars the highest sensory power in me remain unabashed by the overplayed yet laughable intelligent quotient in men.. The deep-rooted sense of female fortitude encapsulates into giving me the inexplicable strength and vigor to stand undeterred by life’s grim realities.  Presumably it is being in the highest realm of female fortitude and in complete awe to the demureness of the men around that I haven’t yet found an alter-ego or a better-half in a man. I remain in complete compliance with the adage that ‘Even a lifetime is not enough for few men to realize the virtue of a women.’

Apropos of the ‘women achievers’, ensconced / positioned in the hall of fame, whose voice resonates through every sphere and spectrum of life, and scrums its way through the torrents of turbulence, it is their underplayed intelligence and nonchalance that sets the benchmark in me in discerning the boons and dismissing the banes and thus emerges unscathed and triumphant amidst adversity and through a turbulent journey

It can be espied that Tibetan Women have well succeeded in making a breakthrough in thwarting the nexus and in earning the global mandate over her resilience.   Such valiant female force embossed in Tibetan women will pave them from the self immense, devoid of hubris and indignation and this will herald/mark their ethereal standing that will remain static and staring back at our descendents and stand tall as the hallmark in the marquee of women achievement.  The 50 years of relentless and consistent struggle though perseverance, indignation and fortitude will be etched in the strongest edifice of the Tibetan history. The legacy of Tibetan women, their struggles and spirit with its altruistic overtures is not and will never be ‘lest we should forget’ vignettes but rather a pillar in history. .

Time is now ripe for the very assertive, audacious, amicable, affable and the altruistic woman and the matriarchs of the house to take the reigns of future and the adage “behind every successful woman there is a man” is very much in the offing. This stunning visceral prophecy might despise and create indignation in few but will inspire many and run in tandem…….. .

The abysmal debate and furor over gender inequality and positive discrimination is plausibly short-lived and rather will be a tool in the decrying mean. The redress of an egalitarian society will soon be a cliché reeling under the realm of paranoia.

From obscurity to self immense, women hasn’t fallen as victims to the clauses of narcissi, hubris and arrogance and rather the ardent struggle, indomitable spirit and the innate sanctity of women has been immensely gratifying and the unfathomable. I can now vouch with élan that ‘Life gives answers in three ways; it says yes and gives you what you want, it says no and gives you something better, it says wait and gives you the best.’ Well, the wheel of wait will now screech to a grinding halt and standing on the threshold of change, the hope of womanhood has now turned out to ally and a striking reality.

The unassumingly simple question raised on that fateful day, half-a-decade ago ‘what are the two sexes on the planet earth’ saw my terse reply; ‘female and non-female on the mother planet.’

ps; The euphony of this piece is an innate and imperious expression and not a coerced effort.


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