Clad in dark grey Chupa and off-white Wunju,

Donning the Tibetan National Flag pin on my collar,

I walk hurriedly down the lane of Delhi’s busy Khan Market,

Bustling with activities- human and commercial under the late evening sky,

Delhities find respite after the late evening showers,

Running because I am a few minutes late for my next meeting,

Amidst the jarring cacophony of human conversations and cars honking,

I hear someone utter the Tibetan word ‘Tashi Delek’,

Albeit echoed in an Indian accent,

As I turned around to see if I bumped into an old acquaintance,

To my sheer surprise,

I see a young Indian man in his late 20’s walk past me,

Affording a warm smile implying to wish me,

In the most chivalrous yet respectable manner,

Not only did my Chupa assert my cultural identity,

My chupa earned me recognition amidst a sea of people,

My Chupa got in me a sense of gratification,

My Chupa made me feel a sense of belonging,

My Chupa showed me the love and respect Indians have for Tibetans,

My chupa instilled in me a sense of pride in being a Tibetan Woman,

My Chupa, my Pride.

3 responses to “CHUPA POWER”

  1. I like this activity and good luck for the movement ahead.

  2. beautifully written

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